Interactive Transcript for YouTube

Click on any word to jump to that part of the video

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Active Transcript - Increase your user’s engagement with your video content Includes:

  • Useful transcript: View an entire transcript and copy excepts as needed
  • Powerful Search: Find a word or an entire sentence from within a transcript
  • Search Overview: Click on the dots within the text bar to locate all the times a word appears in a transcript
  • Simple Navigation: Click on any word within a transcript to navigate to its location in a video
  • SEO Friendly: Boost your video SEO by making your video page SEO friendly

Active transcript is available as a Standalone solution or as widget for the Kaltura, Brightcove, Ooyala and YouTube players.

SubPLY’s A-Z solution/service:

  • Integrated with the leading CDN and CMS’s
  • Available for open source players such as the JW and Flow Players
  • Creates professional transcripts and subtitles in over 60 languages for On-Demand video content and 6 languages for Live events
  • Provides web based management, Captions widget and online creation/correction tools

List of features:

    • Search-in-transcript
    • Click the transcript
    • Time tooltip on every word
    • Clickable search results bar
    • Before and after words tooltip on bar
    • Language selection
    • Follow/Track the text (2 options and off)
    • Hide/Unhide component
    • Share link
    • Share on twitter
    • Share on Facebook
    • Clipping (*)
    • Get EMBED code
    • EMBED customization
    • Print file
    • Download file

    (*) About Clipping

    Clipping allows to select a portion of the text and create a URL link (to share) which, upon, selecting, will direct the viewer directly to the starting point in the video of the selected text.