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Professional captions and subtitles
on your web video.

Experience your video in any language.

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We offer…

  • • Professionally created captions in over 50 languages
  • • Professionally created transcripts
  • • API’s to enable customization

Solution Benefits

Reach new viewers abroad

Some of the world’s premium content publishers use our subtitling solutions to reach millions of new viewers around the world at a fraction of the cost of creating multiple videos and voice-over tracks for each language.

Comply with accessibility regulations

The U.S. Congress recently passed legislation requiring television programs to be captioned when delivered over the internet to reach the 36 million deaf and hard of hearing Americans. The Department of Justice is currently proposing new rules to address how other online video publishers must make their content accessible under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Federal, as well as many state agencies, under Section 508 regulations, require publishers to caption their online videos and organizations who receive federal assistance such as universities are also required to make their content accessible.

Drive search engine traffic

Posting transcripts of your video content allows search engines to discover your video content and optimizes keyword search engines rankings. One major online video publisher found that their search engine traffic increased by 30% when they began posting transcripts.

Reach new viewers at work

Research indicates that approximately 50% of online video viewing takes place during work hours; captions act as a “boss button”, allowing publishers to reach office workers who are discreetly watching video.

Increase user engagement

Customer research has shown that people watch online videos 38% longer and are 80% more likely to watch them to completion when watching with captions compared to videos without. Transcripts also allow your visitors to search through content, further increasing site stickiness.