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SubPLY Online Service is an online system for ordering and managing Transcripts, Captions and Subtitles for web videos. Using the system will enable you to Link/Upload a video file, order Transcripts, Captions or Subtitles, pay for the service using PayPal and receive what you ordered using your account. Currently the service supports the following languages; English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Chinese – Traditional and Chinese Simplified (for more languages please Contact us).

Here you can find a 'Step by Step how to order' form SubPLY.
Here you can find a 'Step by Step how to get your files' form SubPLY.
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SubPLY makes videos on the web more accessible

SubPLY is a spoken word solution platform for on-demand and live web videos. It all about ‘understands’ the audio and the images that are inside the video. Then in a linear process convert the data into text, timeline it and translate it into other languages.

The process is done using technologies (Text to Speech / OCR / Auto Translation), human professional networks (Cautioner’s / Stenographers / Translators), set of online property tools (Captions / Translation / Timing) and management system.

The outcomes of the process are files such as; Text only (‘Transcript’), text with timing (‘Captions’) and translated text with timing (‘Subtitles’). Different types of file are used in different systems (YouTube STR, Adobe DFXP, Apple m4v... and more). The files become part of the video Metadata.

Having spoken word metadata helps making the video better accessible. Transcript is used for search engine optimization (SEO). Captions are used for the hearing impaired or for users that can’t use volume while watching. Subtitles are used for users that the spoken word language that is in the video is not one that they understand.

SubPLY is committed to improve the accessibility of videos on the net by promising professional service, fast turnaround and affordable prices.