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Flash timed text format.

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A DFXP file is a timed text format that was created by Adobe for their free player skins that enable viewers to turn captions on/off during.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<tt xml:lang="eng" xmlns="">
        <metadata xmlns:ttm="">
        <styling xmlns:tts="">
            <style id="s1" tts:fontWeight="" tts:color="#ffffff"
                tts:font="Arial" tts:text-align="center"
                tts:font-size="12pt" xmlns="" />
        <layout />
            <p xml:id="1" begin="4.8s" end="7.7s">
                He’s certainly no stranger<br />
                to the season-ending finale.
            <p xml:id="2" begin="8s" end="12.3s">
                Boris Becker qualified for the Finals<br />
                8 times – winning three of them.
            <p xml:id="3" begin="12.8s" end="14.3s">
                Well, I wish I were playing.